PERKETT SOLAR - a new generation
Why Solar?

Solar benefits stem from generous incentives offered by the state and federal government, rapidly rising electricity costs, and the rapid advancement of solar technology.  Solar electricity systems have no moving parts, so they last a lifetime, and are virtually maintenance-free.  Systems can also be customized to exactly suit specific load requirements and later expanded in modular fashion.  The modularity allows you to invest exactly according to your current needs.  In addition to stabilizing energy costs, solar energy is also an attractive investment due to the added resale value it gives a home.  In today's increasingly tight housing market, a home with a solar electric system is "cheaper" to live in and thus is very appealing to potential buyers.

Financial Incentives

Solar electric equipment requires some initial investment but there are instant and long-term solar electricity costs benefits.  Installing a solar electric system will reduce, or completely eliminate, the amount of electricity you have to purchase from your utility or electric service provider to power your home or business.  When you are using the power your solar electric system provides, you save money by not consuming from your electric utility.  If you are consuming less energy than the system is producing, then the excess power will be sent back into the utility grid.  This is called NetMetering and causes the electric meter to run backwards, selling your electricity back to the utility for them to power other electric customers.  Thanks to state rebates and federal tax credits, solar is an affordable energy option.


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